Thursday, January 14, 2016

Additional photos.... Birds

One thing I love about traveling down the ICW is viewing the wild life. Tom and I regularly are over
whelmed by what we we, We even saw the live birth of a baby dolphin.

tiny fin

We are in Florida... finally... just a tad warmer

Cocoa Village Marina
I can't believe that is has been over a month and two major holidays since I last posted to this blog. Getting lazy... or really it is the WI-fi connections that are such a bother.

We spent Christmas and New Years at Brunswick Landing Marina. I can't sing praises loud enough for the facility and staff. We had great dinners, everyone bringing in side dishes and desserts to add on to turkey and ham. The weather was terrific but blustery days were on there way and we need to move south.

We picked an almost perfect weather window and went out in the Atlantic... motored to the St Johns River and up 23 miles to Mulberry Cove Marina on the Navel Air Station. This is a hidden gem of a facility at only 9$ ... yes 9$ per day. It was great having a commissary and NEX to shop in. We also spent time with Bridget and Martin Green, finished all the paper work to get Florida drivers license and plates, then off again.

We stayed in the ICW,a three day trip to Cocoa Village. We had a WOW moment witnessing the birth of a dolphin. There were eagles, osprey, white pelicans as well as frolicking dolphins to keep me busy.
 While in Brunswick, we spent a day touring Jekyll Island. There they have the Georgia Sea Turtle Center.
one of the turtles rescued

Jekyll Island Lights up the Live Oaks in The Jekyll
Island Club Historic District


horse drawn Cinderella Coach

The Crackles are terrible, swarming and perching everywhere.
this Red Tail Hawk claimed a perch on the top of our mast
and we didn't have a crackle for hours

Driftwood beach Jekyll Island

one of my Christmas presents from Tom was a Sunset Beach ride

statue made from garbage collected off shore
sunset off Jekyll Island

not all the boats coming into the St Johns River clear the rock Jetties
Tom and I were trying to find the name of this Air Craft Carrier

We were bouncing on the incoming waves but I finally got a steady shot
I don't think the name of the carrier is
Beware of Jet Blast and Rotors.
Anyone have a clue

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Today was another outdoor day. We went back to St Simon Island and took the Saint Simons Colonial Island Trolley Tour with Captain Rod at the wheel. We traveled through the island, getting the local info on places to eat, visit, and all the local history. Haskel from Skye joined Tom and I on our adventure finishing with a superb meal at Del Sur.
Also discovered Candied Bacon Ice Cream .. at Moo Cow Ice cream store on St. Simons. This was a delicious treat after our walk on the beach
He does not own a boat or he would not be attracting and feeding
these birds
view from Pier park

could not pass it up this bird finally decided it was not a good
thing to eat, funny but sad to watch

Captain Rod our Tour Guide

St. Simon light house 

I love the moss covered live oak trees

and knitting, one cowl finished and sent on its way

owl hat finished 

and a little Christmas decorating

Brunswick, Ga and St Simon Island --- Fun

Wow time does fly when you are having fun. The weather has been fantastic, cool evenings to keep the pesky bug count down warm 70's in the afternoon to go out exploring, shopping, scrub the bird poo off deck, knit, in general chill.
A word about our marina .. Brunswick Landing Marina... this is a Gem. The staff is knowledgeable about the area and all things boat. There is a club house with free cold beer all the time, free laundry facility, wine tasting every Monday,Wednesday and Friday... and they put on a great Thanksgiving feast, with pass around food and stories. I sincerely want to stay for Christmas and if this gorgeous weather holds out we just might not move south until January.

Then there is Brunswick. The restaurants, markets, shops are a treat. There is the Copper Pig, a farmers market, butcher shop barbecue business... and there are a lot of barbecue places around here... the catch is they advertise a live Alligator... just had to stop. The inside market was beyond expectations, the aroma of cooking foods, Collard greens fabulous... I never did go look at the Alligator.. have to go back for dinner. Another stop I want to make is Willie's Wee Nee Wagon... famous for its pork chop sandwich.
Now photos of Astronomical high Tides, and beach walk at St Simons ... The time spent here is relaxing and fun.

sun set 
Who knew that Lemon trees have thorns
We had three days of super high tides. When
we came in ( at normal high tide) we had
11' of water under our keel at the slip. At Super
high tide we had 20'
of course this leads to a super low tide and a hike up hill

beautiful day for a walk on the beach. Tom even collected
shells for me

and I am finishing projects in time to mail